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"If Saliva Were Red" Video on DVD by OSAP

$110.00 each


What every trainer needs to teach infection control basics and encourage compliance every day!

Included with the "If Saliva Were Red" Video Training Program:

8-min. DVD Video program to:

  • Safely demonstrate cross-contamination in the dental setting
  • Support the importance of infection control and safety in practice
  • Stimulate interest, awareness, and discussion among students as well as new and experienced dental workers
  • Serve as a springboard for practice-specific instruction (With no distracting voice track, you are free to provide the instruction that best meets the needs of your audience and work setting)

8-pg Trainers Guide that:

  • Outlines infection control and safety Dos and Don'ts from the presentation
  • Provides talking points and answers to common questions from the video
  • Includes a checklist of elements of a comprehensive dental infection control and safety training program
  • Incorporates a list of Internet-based resources you can use to supplement and reinforce your training programs


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