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Do you know if your practice is fully compliant with OSHA, HIPAA and Dental Board Regulations?

Are you facing an OSHA, Insurance Company, or Dental Board Audit? Or are you just looking for confirmation that you're already in high compliance?

Regulations change, what was compliant just a few years ago falls short of compliance today. If you haven't updated training, written plans, and documentation, you could face costly citations and fines.

Full Comprehensive Compliance Audit

We'll help you recognize potential violations and provide you with clear action steps on how to correct. The Comprehensive Compliance Audit starts with a full inspection of the entire clinical area. We make sure all OSHA and Dental Board requirements have been are met. Next, the administrative area is evaluated including all required record keeping forms, documentation, manuals, SDS pages, and proper signage. Finally the dental facility itself will be evaluated to uncover any potential safety hazards.

I'll point out my findings and assist you in correcting problem areas as we go through your practice. Signs, labels, and documentation will be provided as needed. If there are extensive corrections, you'll have a checklist of what steps to take. By the end of the Audit, you'll have a written report of my findings, recommendations, and marching orders (who does what). Plus you'll have 1 year of telephone support to make sure you complete all tasks successfully.

Please allow half to a full day for myself, the office manager, compliance officer, and/or dentist to conduct the full Comprehensive Audit. The Full Comprehensive Audit reduces stress, saves time, and protects your practice.

Interested in the Full Comprehensive Compliance Audit? Contact us using our online form, or by calling 209.785.3903.

Interested in an OSHA-Focused Assessment?

Need an OSHA Assessment to confirm OSHA compliance? Facing an OSHA inspection due to a recent employee accident or termination? Already highly compliant but need reassurance? The solution for your protection is an OSHA Focused Assessment. Together we'll walk through your practice and identify OSHA violations that can lead to accidents, injuries, or OSHA citations.

Our OSHA Assessment is a walk through overview focused on OSHA compliance. We'll help you recognize gaps in compliance and provide guidance on exactly how to correct. Following the OSHA Assessment, you'll have a written report of the findings, recommendations, and marching orders (who does what). We won't abandon you after our OSHA Assessment, you'll have 1 year of telephone support to make sure you complete all tasks successfully and understand how to stay compliant.

Avoid costly OSHA fines and aggravating citations Confirm that your practice meets OSHA requirements for dentistry. Dental team members who work in a safe and compliant practice are more productive and confident.

Allow 2 hours for myself, the OSHA Coordinator and/or Dentist.

For an OSHA-Focused Assessment, contact us using our online form, or by calling 209.785.3903.

One on One Training for Privacy/Security Official

We assist the dental practice in implementation of HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, including the 2013 Final Omnibus Rule, utilizing the American Dental Association "ADA Complete HIPAA Compliance Kit". The dental practice must purchase the HIPAA Kit directly from ADA.

We will assist you in:

  • Conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Creating Personalized Written HIPAA Workforce Policies and Procedures
  • Updating your Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Updating Your Business Associates Agreements
  • Personalizing a 3-ring binder with all the required Logs and Forms

You will receive one-on-one, hands on training and coaching to help you meet HIPAA compliance requirements. Coaching includes detailed training on the role and responsibilities of the HIPAA privacy and security officer.

Here's how it works:

I'll prepare of all the required HIPAA documentation in advance of our implementation. This includes updating your Notice of Privacy Practices, (the one for patients), creating Business Associates Agreements, and collating all your personalized documents in a 3 ring binder and digital file.

On the HIPAA implementation day, you and/or your appointed HIPAA officer will work with me to conduct and document the office risk assessment and finalize the HIPAA policies. I'll walk you through the HIPAA Implementation process and help you assess any gaps in security.

The On-site implementation takes an entire day. At the end of the day the tasks are complete and you will know exactly what you are expected to do with HIPAA ongoing. Your HIPAA Implementation includes one year of telephone support.

* Workforce training takes place after implementation on a separate day. Workforce members sign documentation acknowledging your practice's compliance with HIPAA policies and procedures. Group discussion covers do's and don'ts to protect your practice.

In one day, I will complete your HIPAA implementation: one less headache for you, and peace of mind knowing your practice is in compliance.

Note: our HIPAA programs do not include computer software support, practice management software support, computer hardware support or internet technology support or services.

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