Registered Dental Assistants


Effective Immediately!

The California Dental Board has decided to suspend the practical examination for Register Dental Assistants because RDA's "are under the full authority of the dentist when providing services and dentists are ultimately responsible to ensure the quality of that care, [so] RDAs pose a low risk for public harm." Successfully passing the written exam on clinical, law, and ethics will now be the final requirement to acquire a valid RDA license. All other educational requirements remain the same.
Click HERE to see the announcement from CDA. To find out how to become a Registered Dental Assistant in California.


The 2016 CDC Summary and Checklist for Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings is here! Every Dental Practice is at risk every single day of breaches in infection control. The CDC just released today the Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Seetings-BasicExpectations for Safe Care. This document includes several new recommendations and provides an assessment checklist to evaluate staff compliance.


Is your dental practice at risk of HIPAA Violations? Have you conducted a Risk Assessment as required by law? Do you know if your computer systems are secure? Does your team know how to prevent a cyber attack?

If you have not updated your HIPAA program to meet the 2013 Final Omnibus Rule, you are OUT OF COMPLIANCE! Dentists must implement a HIPAA program to protect their practice, their patients and their livelihood.

My first choice for a HIPAA program is the HIPAA E-Tool® which is a software program provided in the cloud to help office managers, practitioners, and business associates assess risk and then work toward compliance. If a breach occurs, the HIPAA E-Tool® guides administrators through a step-by-step process back to business as usual. The HIPAA E-Tool® is easy to use, includes a staff training component and provides you with peace of mind. Click this link and be sure to tell them Leslie sent you.