General Information

CE Certificates
CE Certificates for Online Elearning courses are emailed to you promptly upon sucessful completions of examination. For Paper Version Home Study courses, allow 10 working days to receive your CE Certificate by mail upon successful completion of examination. Keep a copy of your Answer Sheet in the event it is lost by the Postal Service or your fax is not received. If you do not receive your CE Certificate or notification to retest in the time frame indicated above, please call 209-785-3903.

If you recieve a score below 70% you will be notified and given the opportunity to re-test at an additional fee of $15.00.

Leslie Canham & Associates, LLC is not employed or associated with the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs or the Dental Board of California. We do not provide legal opinion or counsel. The Dental Practice Act and California Code of Regulations, Title 16 are constantly changed, revised, amended with new regulations and requirements, new divisions and departments.

It is your responsibility as dental practitioner to understand your legal obligations and license requirements set forth by the Dental Board of California. While Leslie Canham & Associates,LLC believes the information to be reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility as does the delay in the posting or updating of information. Therefore, Leslie & Associates, LLC makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, currency or correct sequencing of the information. Leslie Canham & Associates, LLC is not responsible for the misuse of the information in the course material. Material in this course cannot be reproduced without the written consent of Leslie Canham & Associates, LLC.

Instructions for Home Study Courses

1. After you have purchased your Home Study Course Log In on the left side bar

2. You created your own User Name and Password-see the email containing your activation link.

3. Click on "View My Account". You will be directed to your account information window.

4. Look in the Navigation block on th left side of your screen to locate "My Courses". Click on "My Courses" to see the courses you ordered. Click on the name of the course you wish to take.

5. A PDF of your course will appear. You can print out the PDF or read it online.

6. When you are ready to take your quiz, click on the quizicon quiz link.

7. Your quiz window will open. Take your quiz and submit your answers for grading.

8. If you pass, your CE Certificate can be printed immediately.

9. If you fail, you may purchase a re-test quiz for $15.