Continuing Education Webinars

We are currently offering PRIVATE WEBINARS for dental practices. See Remote Webinars.

Webinars count as Live Classroom CE Credit!

What is a Webinar?

Take courses LIVE from your computer! All you need is a computer and Internet access. If you do not have computer/internet acces, you can participate by telephone. Courses are conveniently scheduled on weekends and evenings. Save time and money! No travel, fuel, or parking fees. Join Leslie live from your own computer and earn LIVE CE Credit!


1. Click the Register Button in the course list for the Webinar you would like to attend. You must register in advance.

2. Pay for your course. We accept payment via PayPal, and you can use your Visa, MC, American Express, and Discover cards on PayPal. You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your transaction.

3. Look in your inbox for an email from Leslie Canham. The email will have the Web link and password for the Webinar. Keep a copy of the conference Web link and the password on your calendar.

4. On the day of your Webinar, log in with the Web link provided in your email about 10 minutes before the Webinar begins. Make sure your computer speakers are turned on and working. Then follow the instructions on your screen.

System Requirements:

You must have working speakers on your computer to hear the Webinar. If you do not have speakers, you may use the telephone call in number provided in the email confirmation.

Windows support

  • Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD processor. (2 GB of RAM recommended)
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
  • Active X enabled and unblocked for Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended)
  • Java 6.0 or above
  • Mac support
    • Intel processor (512 MB of RAM or more recommended)
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
    • Plug-ins enabled in Safari
    • Java 6.0 or above
  • Linux support

    WebEx will support any Linux distribution as long as it meets the following minimum requirements:

    • Kernel: 2.6 or later
    • X Lib: X11R6 or later compatible
    • C++ Lib: libstdc++ 6
    • Desktop Environment, XFce 4.0 or later, KDE, Ximian, Gnome
    • GDK/GTK. version: 2.0 or later
    • Glib: 2.0 or later
    • Sun Java 1.5 or later
  • Mobile support

    WebEx supports starting or joining a meeting from your mobile device. The WebEx web pages are also accessible on the mobile device default browser.

    Mobile applications are available for iOS(iPhone/iPad), Android and Cius devices. See below for additional details.

WebEx Meeting App

Device Type Versions Supported
iPhone iOS 3+
iPad iOS 3+
Android v 2.1+
Cius All

Need more help? Call Leslie at 209-785-3903